Papa Russo’s Man Stuff

Papa Russo’s Man Stuff Aims to have the best beard and shaving products on the market. all of the papa Russo’s products were developed Phil Bonner.

Phil earned his Master Barber license in 2002. With a passion for using only the best beard and shaving products, Phil decided everything he used was just missing something. On a quest for the perfect line of products he began to educate himself on oils, moisturizers, conditioners and fragrances. After dozens of experiments and trials, he finally cracked the code. He began making these products to give to friends and family, this later evolved to selling to his barber shop clients. Recently, Phil decided to share these fine products with the world. Papa Russo’s Man Stuff is born! Why Papa Russo’s? This product line is named after his deceased Grandfather, Mac Russo. He passed away when Phil was a year old. Hearing stories about Mac his whole life, it only seemed fitting as the legend goes that Mac Russo was as dapper as they come. Phil knew Mac would be proud. That is the story of the Papa Russo’s name.

Papa Russo’s is unlike any other beard and shaving product line on the market. What makes it different? Answer….. Everything. First of all Papa Russo’s uses as many as 6 organic oils and carriers per beard product. The reason for this is balance and performance. Papa Russo’s Beard oils and Beard Balms are for EVERY beard type and Every skin type. Papa Russo’s proprietary moisture blend gives all beards the moisture and control needed to have that dapper and finished look. The other main difference is the fragrance. Papa Russo’s used less than 1% of premium fragrance oils in all Beard Oils. This gives more of a clean and attractive cologne fragrance. Unlike other beard oils and balms on the market, everyone loves the smell. It doesn’t have the woody, pine, tree, grass pungent odor that you have to force yourself to

like. It smells like a man likes to smell and like a woman likes to get close to. Papa Russo’s fragrances were chosen by a female audience. We figured men have to wear it, women have to smell it. Papa Russo’s products will simply transform your beard and keep it under control while enjoying an aroma of awesomeness all day long! Connect with us and follow us below

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